Aviation Law Students

ALAANZ is committed to increasing Australasian student involvement and participation in the Association’s activities.

The purpose of this page is to answer any queries you might have as to how you can become involved with the Association and make a positive contribution to the aviation legal community in the region. Student contributions will be rewarded by many chances to meet with and learn from aviation law’s top proponents and expert practitioners.

Who can join ALAANZ as a student member?

Any full time student (undergraduate or post-graduate) is eligible to join ALAANZ as a student member. Membership is open not only to law students, but any discipline that is involved in aviation. This could include students of commerce, finance, accounting, student pilots, engineering, defence and military affairs, aviation management, policy and corporates.

No matter what kind of student you are, you can benefit from membership and participation in ALAANZ activities.

How much does it cost to join ALAANZ as a student member?

Full time students are able to access special membership pricing:

Please click here to join ALAANZ.

What are the benefits of joining ALAANZ as a student member?

Beyond the general benefits of being a member, student members may:

How does ALAANZ support its students through the Student Coordinator role?

The Student Coordinator’s role is primarily to encourage, facilitate and support all students with an interest in aviation law who wish to become involved with and/or learn more about the usage and practice of law in this area by:

Beyond general student membership to ALAANZ, how can I get more involved?

We are currently seeking State Student Representatives to help us achieve and implement the goals set out above. If you want to take up this challenge, then contact Student Coordinator Charles Giacco (charles.giacco@outlook.com) for further information.

 Our goal is to make ALAANZ accessible and open to as many Australasian students as possible!

How can I get more information on becoming a student member?

Please contact the ALAANZ Student Coordinator Charles Giacco (charles.giacco@outlook.com

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